Custom New Home Construction

Gallery1-Image4-Web-2001Cariati Developers, Inc. has been building luxurious homes for over two decades and it would be their privilege to be your new home builder. With a long list of satisfied customers living in the incredible homes that Cariati Developers have built, it should comes as no surprise that the business has been synonymous with “CustomHomes”. If that isn’t enough to boost your confidence in having Cariati Developers create your dream home, then the numerous awards (from coveted home builders) probably will.

Building a New Home in Connecticut

NW2R2799-1SIf you’ve decided to build a custom home, it’s very important to know the standard features and materials that the builders are putting into construction. Thankfully, Cariati Developers not only offers a lengthy list of design opportunities, but they include an even longer list of features that enhance the beauty of the home… at no additional cost to the buyer.

Features included in the general description of Cariati Developers homes are included in EVERY home built. Being based on previous customer needs, there’s over 15 years worth of custom homes at your disposal. Since Cariati Developers is confident in their product and service, it’s likely that these initiatives won’t be found with other home building services.

The Cariati Developers Connecticut Custom Home Process

T2011-Best-of-Meriden-Crystal-Award2 (1)he Cariati Developers Custom Home Process explains the building process in layman terms so that the customer can get exactly what they want. Such steps in the Cariati Developers Custom Home Process include:

  • Selecting the community for the home (which is in addition to building the lot).
  • Selecting the home site within the community.
  • Home buyer information (the home is specifically designed to your approval).
  • A timeline of the home building process (which includes benchmarks such as the date to sign sales agreement, the deposit date, pricing, and when you’ll receive design changes).
  • Updates and site visits with the homeowner during the design process (during construction).
  • Home specifications and informing the home buyer regarding the design process (which is in addition to upgrades if the home buyer changes their mind).
  • The selection process regarding the final decisions on materials and colors for the custom home. Such decisions include flooring, interior trim, door hardware, electrical layout, bath and kitchen cabinets, front door design, and so much more.
  • Closing and walking through the home to make sure that the house is everything the homeowner had dreamed of. In addition to this perk, if a warranty comes up on an item in the home… the item will be inspected and repaired in a timely and efficient manner.