Cariati Developers are experts in the exterior design of commercial and residential properties. Beautiful landscaping includes elements of softscapes andhardscapes. Softscapes are the elements that are the living things like plants, trees, and shrubs. Hardscapes are the parts that are more permanent, which give the exterior a basic foundational structure.

Using both softscapes and hardscapes together in an aesthetically pleasing way is necessary to create an exterior look that is exceptional.

Materials and Types of Hardscape Projects

excavation9The variety of materials available for hardscapes allows tremendous choice in the exterior design. Besides choosing color combinations that are attractive, it is also important to consider the durability and weather-resistance of the materials used outside. Additionally, when using materials on walk surfaces, the possibility of slipping is an important factor that should influence the materials choice.



Examples of hardscape materials include:

  • Brick/Masonry – antique brick, solid brick (clay, sand lime), brick veneer, concrete blocks
  • Concrete – formed, patterned, dyed
  • Metal – aluminum, wrought iron
  • Pavers – pavers are available in an amazing numbers of colors, styles, and patterns
  • Stone – colored rock, gravel, pebbles, flagstone, granite, limestone, marble, sandstone
  • Tile – ceramic, porcelain, quarry, travertine, soapstone, slate, deck, rubber, carpet
  • Wood – real wood such as cedar or redwood, and simulated wood made from aluminum

Types of projects
excavationHardscapes are an extension of the home or commercial building that make an inviting transition from one area to another. From the front of the property,hardscapes increase “curb appeal.” They provide pathways from one area to another, create useful spaces, and are decorative elements that complete the finished look of the property.



Examples of hardscape projects include:

  • Arbors/Pergolas – perfect for hanging plants or growing vines
  • Decks – creates a comfortable outdoor area and are used to take advantage of views
  • Driveways- decorative ways to lead to a garage
  • Fences – delineate separate areas
  • Fire pits – enjoy being outside on chilly nights
  • Fountains/Waterfalls – beautiful water elements
  • Gazebos – comfortable places to sit
  • Paths – these are usually smaller than walkways and lead to special areas
  • Patios – connect the interior to the exterior
  • Ponds – hold attractive fish
  • Recreational areas – tennis or basketball courts
  • Retaining walls – great for terraced gardens
  • Sidewalks – separate the property from the street
  • Steps – mixed in with landscaping
  • Swimming Pools/Spas/Jacuzzis
  • Walkways – provide a convenient connection between areas

The use of attractive hardscape elements is limited only by the imagination. Cariati Developers is ready to help with any hardscape project of any size.